Ticata Imagery

Imagery that is requested outside of our (royalty free) Ticata library will be charged as a client addition. Clients are welcome to provide photo imagery as long as they were legally purchased. Ticata recommends that all "Media" imagery sent to Ticata be sent at 300 DPI (high resolution) and in CMYK. Images purchased on behalf of a client for use in their materials will be invoiced as a client addition and will be applied to the final invoice.


While Ticata test all campaigns before distributing them to the end user. Ticata "highly" recommends that all campaigns be tested on a single ATM (On-Premise ATM or Off-Premise site) and allow to run for several days before distributing either electronically or by hand on any fleet in order to make sure the media runs properly on that particular ATM infrastructure.

Print Placement

While Ticata includes print and publication coordination, the actual printing and publication placement costs are not included in our "Client Media Price List." These costs are in addition to our design(s) and final rendering(s) and are paid by our client directly to the printer and/or publication for which they are printed or displayed. If our client requests that we handle printing and publication procurement such as; Printing, Ad or Publication Placement, Postage, Permit Numbers or Mailing Lists, etc., Ticata will mark up such expenditures 30% in our final invoice to the client.

Review Process

All designs rendered by Ticata will be emailed to our clients via a PDF format for all Static Media, Animations and Video. Ticata recommends that our clients download and install the following applications to their computers. They are; WinZip - Windows, Stuffit - Mac, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash Player and QuickTime in order to review the materials we would be uploading for client review.

Materials Specifications

Each project requires specific information critical to developing and rendering a design solution for your organization. Ticata has provided an order form that indicates essential information that we now must have in order to correctly implement your programs for your ATMs. Specifications are supplied on this site along with a downloadable PDF if creating imagery in-house, as opposed to having Ticata render your media.

Media Ownership

All media developed by Ticata becomes the sole property of our client upon receiving final payment directly, or indirectly from our client or reseller.


Ticata provides coordination on all print media and signage applications. This includes working either with a supplied vendor or one we have selected to complete your program. Our service includes: generating bids on request, building and delivering files to the service provider, defining specifications to meet our client's program objectives.

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