We have positioned our company to help you better understand and take advantage of the full value your NCR ATM has to offer in the marketplace. NCR's software allows us to fully engage with your customers and non-customers by visually communicating your products and services. It allows you to brand your environment, offers receipt messaging that you can track and schedule programs month-to-month, quarterly or year-to-year.

Best of all, we're here to help you take advantage of these features by helping build effective programs for you or with you. The design process is handled between your company and ours, but the actual order will be presented to you from your NCR sales person NCR reseller once we understand the types of programs you would like rendered. Each program takes roughly five to ten working days from start to finish, unless internal approvals are needed. Our solutions are rendered in a fixed/flat rate pricing structure that allows you to properly set your budget now and in the future. (Please note: We do not charge per ATM or monthly licensing fees, our programs can be applied to an unlimited number of ATMs, per platform.)


Each program that we render is custom. Therefore you can either have us render your program based on your art direction (sending us copy, ideas, imagery, etc.), or you can design your own program by sending us your imagery rendered to our specifications sheet. (Please note: The cost is the same whether you design or we design as it fits within our "fixed/flat rate" pricing structure.)

If you choose to have us render your program:
We will design your screens (and or receipts, wallpaper, buttons, etc.), and then send you a PDF to review. You would then reply back to us with your changes (color, imagery, font style, layout, etc.) and we would then render/revise and send you another PDF to review. This would continue until you approve your imagery. (Please note: The cost does not change whether we render one change or 50 changes. The cost only changes if we begin rendering changes after final client approval.)

If we render an animation, we will render a storyboard PDF displaying a sequence of screens so we can make sure all elements meet your design objectives. Again we will revise this storyboard until approved by you. Once the storyboard is approved we will being programming the animation to the proper format. We will then send you the animation to review. If changes are needed to an element that has been approved prior to programming the animation, a client cost addition will be applied to the final invoice. If we are asked to modify a design affect (transition, lighting, etc.) within the animation, this change will "not" incur an additional cost. Upon client approval we will then begin programming your Marketing/Branded Campaign or Customization program.

If you choose to render your own program:
You would follow our design specifications. Once you have rendered your imagery you would upload it to our FTP site (this information is included on our upload page or PDF documentation). Our design team will then convert the imagery and save it to a PDF, which we would then send back to you for approval to make sure we converted your imagery properly. Upon client approval we will then begin programming your Marketing/Branded Campaign or Customization program.


There are several ways to install a Graphics (Promote) Campaign or Aptra Edge Customization. If you have an "NCR Aptra Exchange Server" you would be able to remotely send Graphics (Promote) Campaign and Aptra Edge Customization to your ATMs. If you do not have an "NCR Aptra Exchange Server" you would install a CD at each of your ATM following our instruction sheet (which we provide with all delivered CDs), or hiring NCR or your reseller to install the CDs for you.


1. You will need to choose a program(s) that meets your marketing/branding needs.

2. We will need you to provide us your logo in color and black & white in an ".AI" or ".EPS" file format (See our specification sheet).

3. We would need you to provide a photo image of your "debit card, personal check and any other photo elements" you would like us to use in developing your program.

NOTES: Future projects are handled by contacting Ticata directly. We will quote you a cost based on your design request. Ticata will then contact your sales person so he or she can send you an order to sign. Once your ATM graphics solution has been rendered and delivered, NCR or your reseller will send you an invoice.

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